Eliza French



Event: AFF Runway 2 - Couture Culture

Since 1986, Liz and Shirley’s passion began with a needle and thread where they both studied fashion design in Adelaide. From the many hours dedicated to their studies, they decided to combine their talents and work as a team.

The designing duo both shared the same vision for their dream and Eliza French was born. Their aim is simple; Eliza French girls must walk out with their dream dress and more.

Eliza French is a boutique couture studio based in Adelaide making only the finest quality “one-off gowns” to the highest standards. Their range of exquisite lace and silk are sourced world-wide giving their clients only the best. As well as stunning fabrics, Eliza French also offers a luxury range of embellishments for their brides and a one on one service throughout their whole experience.