Spend 5 – Cyd Beard

Cyd Beard, the Adelaide Fashion designer living the global fashion dream and showing that you don’t need to be living in New York to be playing with the big kids of fashion. Having started her design journey with the Australian Fashion Labels family a mere 5 years ago, Beard has graduated from Keepsake designer to the head Designer for Finders Keepers faster than we can say Hadid.  Nowadays, when she is not busy working on any 6 collections at any given time, she is busy preparing delicious fashion installations, attending runway shows and looking for design inspiration in all aspects of life – all with her perfect blonde tresses in tow.  

We spent 5 with Cyd ahead of the coveted BNKR show and get to know her designs before the rest of the fashion set does.

Name: Cyd Beard

Occupation: Head Designer and Brand Manager of Finders Keepers The Label

My story goes:  As a child I would imagine elaborate and unique designs in my head, but I could never seem to find what I was looking for in-store. Luckily for me my great-aunt was a very talented seamstress and would kindly bring my designs to life. To my delight I would receive may compliments, but also a lot of staring eyes – not sure if a 6 year old with a mullet in bright purple lace flares is exactly mainstream. But I guess you could say that is when my love for fashion started.

Career highlight: The last 13 months, being the Head Designer for Finders Keepers The Label

But I’d still love to: Where do I start…There is so much more I want to do, the sky is the limit!

My life in three words: Creative, weird, fast-paced

My wardrobe is all about: Easy wearing tops back with jeans

Style wise, I am obsessed with: Jeanne Damas

A day in the life of me: I’m up at 4:30 every morning, I go to the gym or go down the beach in summer for a swim, then I work my hours a usually quite long – it’s a 24/7 job.

But I wish it had more: Family time

I can say safely I’ve never: Gone sky diving (but there is still time…)

But I can’t say I haven’t:  Gone a day without eating a banana

I would send a love letter to: Myself

And it would say: Life is pretty bloody good

Me in an emoji: 🍌 the banana

Let me share a secret: I often eat chocolate in secret, and tell myself it doesn’t count if no one saw me eat it

On my to do list: Learning German

Worst technology habit: Checking my emails in my sleep

Always stalking: Caro Sanchez

Biggest lesson learnt: Taking care of yourself comes first

I would tell my 16 year old self: To stop being so hard on myself

Best childhood memory: My dad teaching me to surf

I am looking forward to: Visiting my sister in Germany over the Christmas break

Life motto: Only you can control your happiness