Bridal shopping tips from our Couture designers

Let’s be honest: next to the ring, the wedding dress is the most important part of a wedding – well for the bride anyway. But as with all good things in life, finding the right fit can be as hard as finding ‘the one.’ Knowing what to look for in a wedding dress is a whole other ball game. There is the question of silhouette, fabric, location, straps or strapless. And let’s not forget about the fact that Adelaide is home to some of the most coveted wedding dress designers in Australia.

We asked our Couture Culture designers to share their tips on how to attend your first wedding dress consultation prepared. It can make the difference between a memorable first date and one you would rather forget.

Jaimie Sortino

Come with moodboard of images or references that best capture what you are wanting your gown to express about you – this caan be on Instagram or Pinterest.

Please d on’t bring too many friends or family for your first consult. Too many opinions can be distracting from what you really want. There is plenty of time for them to come during fittings and other moments of the journey.

And remember to stay true to what you want. Online can be great for inspiration but it can confuse and overwhelm you. Just remember what you love!


Greta Kate

Allow plenty of time. We require a minimum of 6 months’ notice, but one year in advance (if possible) is ideal. This allows plenty of time to develop the gown, source fabrics and in some cases have lace made.

I find for some brides who aren’t great at visualising to collect a few images of things you like, so I can get a vibe of your style.  It might be the lace, the style or the silhouette that appeals to you. I often ask my brides what types of clothes they naturally feel good in, as this can sometimes be translated into a wedding gown style. For instance, you might love wearing crew-neck tees and this could mean that you would feel great in a high neck lace gown with sleeves.

Lastly, I think the first time you go shopping for your wedding gown, it is best to go either by yourself or with your mum and best friend or sister. Any more than 3 people and you will get totally confused with too many opinions.


Cristina Tridente

Keep an open mind, if you are unsure about what silhouette or style you would like, let us offer some suggestions on fabric and style to compliment your shape. It’s actually okay to be unsure at the start. I suggest trying on a few shapes before or after the first appointment so you know how you feel in certain cuts.

Always remember we are here to help you! This is YOUR big day and we will do everything we can to make your perfect dress.


Liz Foubert – Caleche

I do suggest doing some research before your visit so you have a general idea of what you like and dislike. Images are good to give the bridal consultant a good idea if what the bride likes. Come with an open mind as often brides find ‘their’ gown is the one they nearly didn’t try on.

I also recommend wearing comfortable clothes that are easy to take on and off as brides will do quite a few changes in a day of bridal shopping. Wearing nude coloured under wear is a bonus when trying on gowns as you don’t have to fight with black bra straps and dark under wear.

Final note: tans can badly discolour dresses so please no tans when trying on gowns.