Cristina Tridente – Behind The Label

Ask Cristina Tridente what she does and she will proudly tell you that she is a designer. But for those who have long followed Cristina’s journey through her label Couture + Love + Madness, they will tell you she is an artist. Never one to shy away from a bold silhouette, vibrant fabric or an eclectic use of fabrics, Cristina’s designs always make a statement. And like all true artists, she has continued to push the envelope of her label one handmade, stitched and delicately beaded design at a time.

It is this very dedication to her art that saw Cristina land a coveted spot at London’s Central Saint Martins School, whose famous alumni includes the likes of Alexander McQueen, Mary Katrantzou and John Galliano. And while many would have buckled under the pressure, the designer who is known for putting together red carpet worthy gowns all but over night took the once in a life time opportunity in her stride walking away with a new set of skills and newfound confidence to explore her artistic side.

Get to know the story, enjoy a sneak peek of Cristina’s Central Saint Martins project and fall in love with one of the Adelaide Fashion Festival’s longest standing family members all over again.