Forming The Wolf Gang

When Vanessa Pearce started The Wolf Gang, she was drawing inspiration from her travels abroad and years of experience in the fashion industry.

“I worked in retail for seven or so years, working in store while studying, and then moving into retail marketing after finishing my degree. I did a lot of travel during this time which kept me inspired and thinking of what was next.

“My husband Sam was always encouraging me to do what I loved. He was working on his own business with his brothers [Frame Creative] for a few years and the boys could see potential in what I was doing. They helped me get the brand off the ground, right before my first child was born.”

From there, The Wolf Gang developed into what it is today – a travel-inspired lifestyle brand stocked in over 70 stores around Australia and the world including on The Iconic, David Jones online and General Pants.

And while the journey from first sketch to now wasn’t necessarily easy, it happened naturally.

“It evolved very organically for me– I began creating pieces I loved, and once I realised there was a demand for the styles I liked to wear, I continued to roll with it.” says Vanessa.

“There’s a very consistent and cohesive aesthetic to the brand. The tribal element is identifiable and easily recognisable as The Wolf Gang, and is continually referenced by us.”

With earthy colours at the core of the brand, it’s the eclectic pops of colour in the tassels and finishes that The Wolf Gang is known and loved for.

“We are definitely inspired by the world around us,” she says.

“Many of the ideas stem from noticing colour combinations and unique architecture and design in different cities and cultures.

“It started with a bit of a Moroccan flare, but has evolved to Spanish and French inspired with our latest collections.”

Now, with their ready-to-wear range about to drop, Vanessa is looking at the Adelaide Fashion Festival runways as an opportunity to show the world The Wolf Gang in its entirety.

“We jumped on board with AFF very late last year when we were still quite new and unknown. This year we’re looking forward to sharing our full selection including ready-to-wear and accessories to complete a full runway look.”

Vanessa is proud to see the state’s fashion industry growth in the last few years.

“I think Adelaide has really evolved – even going back to when I was working in retail.

“Adelaide designers now have this incredible platform through AFF, an opportunity to showcase to the rest of Australia and the world, and connect with Vogue Australia, which is a dream for many locals in the industry.”

So, what’s next for The Wolf Gang?

Well, in the last six months alone, The Wolf Gang has been spotted on the likes of US celebrities Lili Reinhart, Millie Bobby Brown and Victoria’s Secrets model Alessandra Ambrosio.

“Alessandra was a real pinch-yourself moment… It’s confirmation we’re on the right track, celebrities are really liking what we’re doing and supporting us, which is both surreal and exciting,” she says.

See Vanessa’s creations at the SA Designer Showcase presented by Spendless Shoes runways. Buy tickets here.