Greener and Cleaner with Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning

Whether it’s using metal straws, investing in a Keep Cup instead of taking a reusable coffee cup, or adding the carbon footprint offset to your cart when booking flights, we’re all doing our bit these days to be kinder to the environment.

The fashion industry is seeing a huge shift towards environmental practices now, with the rise of slow fashion, our tendency to lean away from fast fashion, and more consideration into how we clean our clothes.

One name leading the way in this area is one many of us recognise; Karl Chehade.

Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning has saved many of us and our favourite garments at one point or another, but they’re also doing a lot to save the environment with their Green Earth® methods.

When you drop your favourite coat or dress into a Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning store, it’s not like any other dry cleaner. Karl Chehade employs special methods that carefully consider the impact that cleaning agents and materials can have on the environment.

Rather than using traditional toxins and chemicals, they use pure liquid silicone, which is basically liquified sand. It’s the same natural sand that our Earth has been creating for over 6 billion years!

By the way, it’s not just good for the environment. You’ll be able to feel and smell the difference on your garments. It’s super gentle on fabrics, and is odour and allergen free, which is so important to all of us when it comes to high value products!

So many of us think so carefully when it comes to the fashion we purchase. We consider the quality, the feel of it, the cut, and even the origins of where it was made and where the fabric came from. So it’s time we start thinking just as carefully about where and how we get our clothes are cleaned.

Now is the time when we can all put in that bit more effort to support those companies who are making meaningful efforts to reduce their environmental footprint.

Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning’s Green Earth Process is estimated to save over 2460 tonnes (that’s about 10,000 trees) over the next 10 years. That’s an incredible difference, and all it takes is for us to take our beautiful garments to Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning.


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This article was written in partnership with Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning.