Greta Kate – EVOLUTION

Greta Kate, the epitome of grace and elegance, is the Adelaide couture designer showing that talent goes a long way but persistence and dedication goes even further.  Since launching her label in 2010, Greta has become a permanent fixture at red carpet events and continues to add a serious dose of allure and class to Adelaide’s flourishing bridal and bespoke couture scene.

Joining the AFF family in 2011, Greta has continued to grow her brand with an unwavering dedication to showcasing SA talent and what it means to produce locally. With hours of heart and soul and not to mention a few blisters poured into every design, we asked Greta to give us a sneak peek at her latest collection and talk to us through the process of what it really takes to create one of her many creations. Because those few minutes that give us butterflies during the AFF are months in the making…

Go behind the seams with Greta ahead of the 2017 AFF Couture Culture Show and enjoy a sneak peek of her favourite creation.

What comes first, the silhouette or the fabric?

Always the fabric! I find fabrics most inspiring. As soon as I see a fabric I instantly love or hate it and then I think about how I can bring it to life. If I can automatically picture a couple of ways in which I can use it, I’ll purchase it and then I love to drape and pin it into position on a mannequin.


Tell us about the fabric and where it was sourced…

This beautiful lace was hand beaded in France. It was a custom design where we chose the type, size and design of bead. There are a combination of sequins and bugle beads to really make it sparkle.


What is the most difficult aspect of working with this fabric? 

Our normal industrial sewing machine can’t sew over the top of the beads, therefore the beads have to be removed in the seams and then re-beaded. The ostrich feathers are also getting hand sewn along the hemline and the sleeve edge.


How many sketches did you create before this one made the final cut?

Actually only two! The idea came together relatively fast, however it is still in the process of getting developed so it could change ever so slightly.


What makes this dress unique?

The fabric and the simple cut. The feathers also create beautiful movement when the gown is worn.


Why is it your favourite piece from the collection?

It’s one of my favorites because it is a little different to what we have done before. I also love the combination of feathers and beads. Right now, I’m also obsessed with sleeves.


How many hours have gone into creating this piece?

So far 20 hours, however I would say we are only 1/3 of the way through!


What is the most technically difficult aspect of this dress?

The most technically difficult aspect of this gown is getting the sleeves and the neckline to sit perfectly as the back of the gown is so low and therefore no support. The most time-consuming part is sewing on the feathers!!!!


How many times has the dress morphed and changed from concept to finish?

Only ever so slightly. It’s fairly similar to the original sketch.


If the dress were a city it would be:

Paris, elegant and pretty, but a little sexy and ready for a good party!


You would love to see this dress worn by:

I would love to see Olivia Palermo in this gown.


What does it mean to be part of the AFF family?

It’s a real honour. Greta Kate has been a long time supporter and has been lucky enough to be part of AFF since 2011. There is a wonderful buzz around Adelaide during AFF. It’s so exciting working with other creatives on all things beautiful. It give us designers’ a platform to celebrate and share with everyone what we spend hours working on.


How has this collection developed or changed form your previous runway shows?

Every year I think my brand has grown and matured (as have I!!) I am continually learning from my clients, staff and the industry and these things help to create a more refined and sophisticated range each year. I’m especially excited to share all the beautiful fabrics and details from our latest range.


Who should come to see your runway show and why?

Fashionistas, brides-to-be, past clients, couture-lovers and anyone who wants to support the local industry should come along. It’s an excuse to get dressed up.

Photography: Jackson Fenby