How our models are preparing their skin

If there is one thing we envy more about models than their God-given long limbs, it would have to be their radiant skin. Attend any fashion show and a glowing complexion will lead any garment down the runway and will facilitate the perfect base for any look. But as with all good things in life, attaining that dewy complexion takes dedication and ditching those double espressos. Drop the notion that anyone wakes up looking like Bey – because when it comes to runway worthy skin, the preparation routine reads longer than the September issue of Vogue.

With the 2017 Adelaide Fashion Festival less than a month away, we enlisted the help of Danielle Williams, Jurlique’s Educational Specialist, to talk us through the process of prepping skin for the runway. A leader in natural skincare science since 1985, Jurlique applies advanced technologies to organic ingredients to produce a pure skincare range, one that reconnects people with nature. With key ingredients still grown in the Adelaide Hills, what better range to connect with the states premier fashion event.

Here Danielle talks #AFF17 and what it really takes to prepare skin for the runway.

Skin prep for runway should include…

One week out

Minimise foods and drinks containing caffeine such as coffee, chocolate and cola drinks as they overstimulate and can make skin look dull. It’s best to avoid red wine and spicy foods for a while too for the same reason. Start incorporating a facial oil into your nightly skincare routine. This will help add a boost of moisture to your skin, and increase that beautiful radiant glow.

A few days out

Book in for a relaxing hydration facial. This is an essential step to help address your skin care needs, and give your skin an added boost ahead of the big event. It will also allow enough time for any residual post-facial redness to fade. Inform your Skin Therapist that you have a big event coming up and they will eliminate any steps that could overstimulate your skin

The night before

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. In order for skin to be looking and feeling its best on the big day, make sure you give your full body a gentle exfoliating session. Using a natural exfoliant, full of herbal antioxidants, massage the skin in small circles. This will not only get the blood circulating, it will remove any dry or dead skin cells and leave skin looking fresh and invigorated. Finish off with some moisture. For the body a good Body Lotion free from harsh chemicals, and that is richer than your usual Body Lotion is best. Try a Body Cream or Oil. Apply an even richer balm to any areas of extra dry skin such as the knees, elbows or heels. For the face, a mask to even skin tone and hydrate followed by a rich night cream will help improve elasticity and firmness, resulting in a more rejuvenated complexion in the morning.

The day of

Keep your skincare regime to the essentials. The skin is about to go under a lot of stress for the next few days, so it’s important to keep it prepped and hydrated. A gentle cleanser, essence to maintain hydration, serum and moisturiser are your essentials. And Mist…frequently, all through the day! Your make-up artist will likely do this for you.

If you have even slightly sensitive skin, or notice that all the lights and make-up day after day can sensitise your skin, then take preventative action and change to a nourishing cream for sensitive skin at night. This will help calm and stabilise your skin overnight to maintain it’s balance throughout the week.


Photography by Jack Fenby.