Bianca Spender

Liberated Tailoring is at the core of the Bianca Spender design industry with signature drapes and directional forms. Precise masculine cuts are balanced by romantic femininity.

There is a quiet refinement to the clothes. An optimistic seeking spirit embodies the unique colour palette and discreet alluring details, which in turn unfold to reveal the sophisticated construction.

Shoulder treatments frame the silhouette and cascading hems signal the elongated form.

Sustainability is a strong focus of business practice for the Bianca Spender brand.

Supporting local industry, all garments are designed and manufactured in Australia. Bianca Spender is committed to a bright future for Australian Made Design, employing a local workforce and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

A major part of Bianca Spender’s sustainable business practices is making informed choices about the fabrics she uses; natural fibres are preferred. 50% of cloth is sourced from deadstock fabric.