Founder Kit Willow continues to pursue her love of creation in harmony with her passion for nature with the birth of KITX. Launched in store august 2015.

KITX is born from a spirit of kindness, integrity and transparency. The X represents the future.

KITX strives to be a pioneer in design-led, sustainable and ethical fashion. “We create product love with high frequency wear, superior quality and creative design while consciously sourcing materials that minimise harm to our planet’s precious resources.”

“I strongly believe in a better world, through the simple mantra of making women look and feel beautiful, without harming our planet, so everyone can win.” Kit Willow

It was with a capsule collection of lingerie and eight fashion pieces that founder, Kit, launched her namesake label, Willow.

Having a commerce degree majoring in psychology and working with a master of draping in Paris kit formed the early interest of textile led design and the effect strong design has on our day to day psychological well being.