Studio Botanic

Nadia Travaglini has always had a passion for floristry even from a young age. Starting her career at the age of 14, Nadia has been working in industry for 25 years.

Forever the innovator, Nadia believes in taking people on a journey with flowers.  Transforming environments into something of beauty and wonder, killing the perception that flowers only belong in a vase. Using her unique knowledge to run vertically through all aspects of the flower industry from overseas crops to end design detailing.

Nadia has had over 13 years experience in floral events at a national level and has worked on many major events and was named one of the Top 5 Florists of Melbourne by Melbourne Magazine.

Nadia currently resides in Adelaide and has owned and run Studio Botanic Floral Event Design for the past five years. The company is fast becoming the ‘it’ florist of Adelaide.