Karl Chehade’s sustainable fashion tips

As we prepare for a standout SLOW Saturday presented by Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning, the AFF team continue to delve into the world of sustainability and fashion.

So, we spoke to the team at Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning to find out how simple changes to your habits can help the world.

Here are their top tips for making a difference.

Consider the product

Start thinking about what the garment is made of.

You might not realise at the time, but that $5 polyester tee has done a lot more damage to the environment than the $70 organic cotton tee which has been made without harmful chemicals like pesticides.

While these more ethical items may cost more upfront, in the long run they are the wisest choice for the earth, and they tend to last longer in your closet.

Quality over quantity

Rather than looking at a garment’s price tag, consider the future investment. Think about how many wears will you get out of the item, or how many years could it last for. Plus, if you buy higher quality products, you’ll have to replace them less frequently because they will stand the test of time over the cheaper items.

You’ll also care for the items more because you want them to last – which is where Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning’s GreenEarth® methods come in. We were so excited to hear there are no toxic chemicals, smells or health hazards used in their processes.

Less is more

It’s quite a simple concept and the truth is, the less you buy, the less you’ll have to throw out in the long run.

In doing this, you’re also reducing the demand for fast fashion – every little bit counts – which are often produced in unethical conditions or with processes that are more harmful to the environment.

Embrace local

Reduce the distance your garments travel by shopping and supporting local designers.

Whether it’s clothes, shoes or accessories, buying from a local label will reduce the footprint of the products because you’re reducing the miles it’s travelled.

Plus, a local maker does a happy dance every time you buy from them!

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This article has been produced in partnership with Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning.