Katya Komarova, Behind The Label

Katya Komarova is the Russian born model turned designer who is making ethical and sustainable fashion, fashionable again. Helping break down preconceived notions of sustainable clothing, the Komarova brand shows that you can deliver all the street style vibes and edge without being pigeonholed under the umbrella of a Scandinavian inspired line.

You can easily mistake one of Katya’s structured bucket bags or intricate cage skirts for being plucked straight from the streets of Paris or Milan, and rightfully so. Having studied bag design at Florence’s acclaimed Accademia Riaci, she delivers Italian craftsmanship and a quality finish into each bag and belt she produces right here in her Adelaide studio. And while it could have been tempting and significantly easier for Katya to produce her pieces offshore, especially being in the early days of her business, she has gone against the grain and has committed to producing ethically right here in Australia.

Get to know to her name, learn her story because this designer is soon to be on everyone’s lips.