Meet Carmen Dugan: Keepsake the Label

As we edge closer to the 2017 Adelaide Fashion Festival, we reflect on a milestone period in Adelaide’s thriving fashion scene, the 10-year anniversary of Australian Fashion Labels. We celebrate a success story that proves that you don’t need to move to a bigger city to run a global business and we applaud a name that has been working behind the scenes since the very beginning – Carmen Dugan.

As the Brand Manager and Head Designer at Keepsake the Label, Carmen has taken the staple brand from all the way from accessible eveningwear to sophisticated occasional wear, worn by the likes of Kendall and Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid. And whilst most would be reveling in such milestones, Carmen is busy planning the next fitting, next collection and next shoot in an environment that is as fast paced as Gigi’s strut.

Australian Fashion Labels brands can be seen at AFF Runway 3: BNKR – one for the style seekers and fashion forward.

We caught Carmen for a hot minute or 5 to find out more about the name behind one of Australia’s most successful labels.


Name: Carmen Dugan

Occupation: Head Designer/ Brand Manager of Keepsake the Label

My story goes: I have been the Head Designer for Keepsake since the brands’ inception and have grown and evolved with the brand.

Career highlight: Don’t know if I can pick just one!

But I’d still love to: Grow the brand identity

Currently working on: Designing July 2018, photo shoot for March 2018, fitting May 2018 samples

Favourite fashion moment: Rodarte Spring 2018 RTW runway (pictured below)

My life in three words: An organized mess

My wardrobe looks like: A sea of black and white with a few pops of colour

My go to is: Boyfriend Jeans and a white shirt

As a kid, I would wear: leggings with stirrups

Most bizarre talent: Remembering lyrics to 90’s RnB songs

Can’t live without: My Gucci Bag

I used to believe in: Fairytales

But now: I believe in making my own

I wish I were pen pals with: Alexa Chung

I am too scared to try: Go skydiving

My spiritual animal is: A chimpanzee

On speed dial: My Boyfriend, best friend, mum and sister

My last text reads: “Red or White?” (wine)

Emoji of choice: eye-rolling emoji

Super power I’d love to have: to be able to fly

I am looking forward to: Summer and sun

Life motto: Everything happens for a reason