Mojo explains the beauty benefits of Kombucha

Kombucha. The ‘champagne of life’ is the kind of health trend you want to dive deep into. Not only does the health elixir deliver health benefits that read like a mini essay, from aiding digestion to helping alleviate gastric disorders, the beauty benefits are also not to be ignored. We’re talking mini facial in a bottle, and who couldn’t use a little added hydration and radiance?

With the Adelaide Fashion Festival just around the corner, we would rather spend our time pulling outfits than scoby’s (that’s Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) so we turned to MOJO Kombucha. The perfectly packaged little organically certified beauty and health elixirs offer all the benefits sans the fuss. And while we were at it, we asked Mojo’s Creative Manager, Melissa Heard, to share some of the beauty benefits of our newfound obsession.

Talk us through the history of Kombucha and how it all began…
Kombucha (kom-boo- cha) is a sparkling, fermented tea that is enjoyed daily as a naturally potent, refreshing health drink. It begins with tea, which is then brewed, based on the recipe of an ancient handmade elixir. A living Kombucha culture, also referred to as a SCOBY or Mother, transforms the original organic ingredients into an effervescent, refreshing elixir that is brimming with probiotics, living enzymes and organic acids. Kombucha is wonderful for the health of your gut, and said to assist in balancing the mind, the body and the spirit.

Beauty benefits – talk us through these…
It all comes back to the gut – when the gut is in healthy balance, the body can absorb and eliminate with maximum efficiency. If the nutrients available are actively absorbed, and waste products and toxins are efficiently removed, your entire system can operate as it should.

Kombucha is said to bring the body back in to balance. Think healthy hair, clear skin, increased energy, overall vitality. Many enjoy kombucha for the associated anti-aging properties.

Health benefits – take us through these…
The organic acids, active enzymes, naturally occurring b-vitamins and living probiotics in our Kombucha have a whole range of health benefits, the main ones being gut health and leading on to things like increased immunity. It is also gluten free, vegan friendly and low fructose, as the sugar used to kick start fermentation is consumed by the culture. Our probiotic is proven to assist with muscle recovery, and joint inflammation, which is contributing to the uptake in consumption by serious and professional athletes.

Knowing Kombucha contains vitamin B, the feel-good vitamin, explains why so many people say they feel ‘better’, have more energy, miss MOJO when they are away, and it is also why so many of our consumers are extremely regular consumers.

We have so many people tell us it is the only thing that helps to calm their nausea, from women experience morning sickness to patients undergoing chemotherapy. We have had glowing testaments from people with Crohns, Chronic Fatigue and the like, where the performance of their gut has profound effect on their overall wellbeing.

Kombucha is also associated with being the ultimate hangover cure, as it does break down some of the acids and toxins that can make you feel like you have been hit by a party truck.

But what does it taste like?
Our Kombucha is small batch brewed and gutsy on the palette – you can taste the goodness that is thriving in each bottle. Because it is hand crafted and is a living product, each batch of our Kombucha tastes a little different with some having more potency than others. MOJO also choose not to add any sugars or sweeteners beyond the fermentation process making our Kombucha the closest tasting to home brew on the market. MOJO add Certified Organic fruit and real ingredients to our Kombucha to create our 9 different varieties.

Why is it so good for you?
MOJO Kombucha is bursting with organic acids, active enzymes, b-vitamins and living probiotics. MOJO is the only Kombucha on the Australian market to have proven probiotics. Our probiotic ‘Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086’ has been scientifically proven to reach your gut ALIVE – 10 times more likely than probiotics found in yoghurt. This is important as it is only from within the gut that the probiotics can have the desired health benefits.

MOJO is a proven source Vitamin b-12, ‘the happy vitamin’ with a 330ml bottle containing 80% of your RDI. MOJO is Certified Organic with no nasties or sweeteners – it is just as nature intended.

Those floaty things – what are they?
These are part of the Kombucha goodness! The floaty things are healthy strands of Kombucha and should be enjoyed as a part of the drink. They are proof that our product is living and has been genuinely fermented using a SCOBY. Just roll the bottle gently to mix them in!

How quickly can one feel results?
That’s a personal thing. For my routine, around the 3pm mark I am looking for a MOJO if I haven’t already had one. Some people feel immediate results, to say it delicately their system can react quite quickly and the cleansing effect is noted. Think bathroom.

Best way to have it?
MOJO Kombucha is a living product and therefore must be enjoyed chilled. For maximum health benefits, we suggest drinking MOJO daily – morning, noon or night! We have heard that it is also enjoyable with gin, just saying!