Rollie x Tiff Manuell

This is for the colour brave, the young at heart and for everyone inspired by colour wanting to make a bold statement.

Melbourne-based footwear trend-setter Rollie shoes and Adelaide-based painter and maker, Tiff Manuell, have joined creative forces on a new collaboration not to be missed.

Inspired by the colour and wonder that surrounds them, Rollie and Tiff have created a one-time limited edition collection to fulfil all your artsy cravings. With a one of a kind collection, connecting their similar communities together through a passion for colour and lots of it. Sleek and simple aesthetics of Rollie’s super comfortable and ultra-light shoes transform Tiff’s beautiful hand painted brush strokes into footwear art. This dreamy collab has three styles with two being hand painted by Tiff herself making each shoe truly one of a kind!

Finer details like the Rollie gold plated heel cap and Tiff inspired triangle zips gives the collection a special touch. It’s everything you’d expect and more from this dynamic duo, pushing boundaries to create something magical!

The Derby Zip Gelati Shake, Derby Zip Pennies From Heaven and Derby Save The Date will be exclusively available online and will all be a one-time limited edition run. The collection can be purchased from and on Tuesday 1st August, 2017.

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