Simon Bryant’s SLOW Saturday menu revealed

Our taste buds are tingling because acclaimed chef Simon Bryant has revealed the dishes he will be preparing as part of SLOW Saturday presented by Karl Chehade.

Bryant’s menu will be in tune with the runway’s three themes of ‘sustainable’, ‘honouring’ and ‘glut’, highlighting the topic of sustainability in various aspects of our lives.

“It’s been great to learn about the complications and implications of choices and trends in the fashion industry, which resonate with many of the issues we see in the food industry,” says Bryant.

“It’s been nice to put up a menu that’s respected and understood by the SLOW curators, which we very much hope guests at the SLOW lunch will not only enjoy eating, but will also consider and discuss the choices we’ve made.”

From the kitchen, you’ll see the likes of smoked mullet with native ingredients and sheep in a light jus.

For the vegetarians and vegans, a green paw paw som tam plus baby pumpkin with baked lentils and tahini soy will be on the table.

And the meal will be completed with a tropical paradise of barbecued mango, pineapple, sticky rice and burnt palm sugar. Yum!

There’ll be plenty on offer for those with dietary requirements – always a plus – and it will all be paired with premium Wicks Estate wines.

Does it get much better?

Download the full menu here. And get your tickets to SLOW Saturday here before it’s too late!