Spend 5: Anny, Good Studios

Sustainable clothing. A few years ago the mere phrase would have conjured images of op shop finds and hand me downs. Lovely thought for that 1% of the population who managed to make it look good, but for those who had not mastered the art of retro-chic, the concept would have been thrown into an overflowing ‘too hard basket’, right next to our ‘plastics’ bin. And if not for recycled clothing, sustainable fashion usually meant garments catered to a very niche market – at a price.

So what was a girl to do? Well in most cases, buy her basics at Zara and cut the tags off. The guilt was very real! Nowadays, however, sustainable clothing is having a moment. Log onto any influencer’s account any they are likely to be rocking a reformation, re/done or the likes of piece. Whatever the reason may be for one choosing to invest in more environmentally friendly labels, we are singing our Hail Mary’s in a market saturated with fast fashion and enough polyester to bring back the 80’s.

One name is helping spread the message one classic silhouette at a time and that name is Anny Duff. The GOOD STUDIOS designer represents a new wave of conscious fashion pushing the sustainable banner without compromising on fashion, style and our wallets. Anny’s designs are current, practical and more importantly accessible. They allow us to build a wardrobe of quality basics without breaking the bank and have rekindled our love affair with natural fibres as God and Wintour intended.

Ahead of her Adelaide Fashion Festival Contempory Versus Street show, we spent 5 with the Good Studios designer.

Name: Anny Duff

Occupation: Designer, Good Studios

My story goes: I started the brand in 2013 whilst working as an Art Director in film and television. I was looking for a creative outlet that celebrated my philosophies around sustainable living combined with a simple aesthetic that still allowed me to work collaboratively

Our philosophy is: Tread this earth lightly, look for more sustainable ways every day

Work has taken me to: China, Japan, Indonesia, Uk, France, Germany, India

Next destination: UK

Career highlight: Opening my first collaborative store with Birkenstock in Tokyo last year, and more recently collaborating with one of my favorite artists Michael Leunig

Inspiration comes from: Nature, minimalist design form Scandinavia and Japan

I would love to work with: Amber Bain from The Japanese House

Style muse: Margaret Howell

Work uniforms looks like: Vintage 501’s, an old tee, and one of our 100% South Australian wool jumpers in the cooler months

Come weekends, I live in: See above

Favourite GOOD STUDIOS piece: Our wide leg pant, wearing them makes me feel glamorous which doesn’t happen often!

The piece for everyone: Our Hemp Linen Travel Shirt for both men and women has a pocket which perfectly fits your passport and plane ticket!

The piece for the trendsetter: Our new apron dress- we reckon it’s the hit this Summer!

Worst shopping habit: I’m always on the hunt for well worn vintage white t-shirts, and I’m pretty certain my collection is about to hit double digits

On my wish list: A long walk through the Tarkine in Tasmania

Most used app: Podcasts

Most used emoji: Green love heart

My friends would describe me as: Punctually challenged

But I would say I am: Always late!

I couldn’t live without: Ocean swims

On my bucket list: Build my forever house from hemp that I have grown from seed

To de-stress I: Listen to Podcasts: Radiolab, This American Life or TED Hour

I am looking forward to: Christmas and some time off with my siblings

Life motto: When its good: ‘Savor it”, when its tough: ‘This too shall pass’.