Spend 5 – Nicole Bonython-Hines

She is known as the stylists’ stylist, one of the original game changers who put Australia on the fashion map and placed the title under shinning lights. For any fashion enthusiast or stylist in the making, the name Nicole Bonython-Hines makes up the very fabric of their beating fashion heart. And way before the likes of Acler, Paolo Sebastian and a plethora of creatives showed the world just what our State was made of, Nicole was holding the torch and styling some of the biggest names in the business.

From scoring her first gig at Vogue (a girl can dream) to styling Kylie Minogue and creating THAT Australian flag suit she wore at her 1990 Enjoy Yourself concert, Nicole was making magic happen and all while raising a young family. Sure she moved to Sydney in her teens, but we will always claim Nicole as our own and after decades of styling for magazines and global celebrities, her return to Adelaide during the Adelaide Fashion Festival always gives us the feeling of Christmas morning. 

We spent 5 with her ahead of the 2017 AFF… 

Name: Nicole Bonython-Hines

Occupation: Stylist

It all started when: I was five and obsessed with dressing Barbie dolls

Career highlight: Creating the idea and then making it happen…the noughts and crosses dress that Kylie wore to the premiere of the movie The Delinquents that she stared in, accompanied by her then new boyfriend, Michael Hutchence

My involvement in AFF is: I did the first AFF and worked on varies show. Currently working on a show with David Jones that’s happening during the festival showcasing all their Australian designers

Currently working on: Finalising casting and early days in discussions with David Jones about which designers we’ll be showcasing.

Best thing about working with AFF: The fabulous people!

What you might not expect about AFF: That it’s almost like going to the shows in Paris or New York

Show day with AFF looks like: Hopefully all will be calm because by then, everything is sorted and organised within an inch of it’s life (the crazy long days happen in the lead up to the show) so that nothing can go wrong….

Looking back it has been: Unfolding, fun, busy, exhausting, exhilarating…

Pre-AFF looks like: Casting, editing, meetings with varies organisers, music, planning..

Fashion Festival week looks like: Editing, organising, fitting, rejigging, organising and more organising

I get through the week with a little help from: Coffee and almonds

Backstage vibes: Calm

Work uniform looks like: Trackies and trainers

If I wasn’t a Stylist, I would: Be a lot calmer

What one might not expect about my job as a stylist: How little of the job is creative or glamourous

Adelaide is: Home

This year is all about: Australian designers

I am looking forward to: The Paolo Sebastian show

Show that everyone will love: Paul’s show

Something new and exciting: The Trend Masterclass with David Shah is interesting, and student work -the TAFE SA Next Gen runway always provides a few surprises

Post 2017 AFF is all about: Catching up on sleep and reacquainting myself with my kids

To get some zen I: Meditate

Weekend attire looks like: Track pants and a sweater – very daggy but very comfy

I can’t go a day without: My first cup of tea in the morning

Can’t leave the house without: My phone

Life motto: Work hard and be kind (and honest)