Spend 5: Siham Elmawey, C/MEO

In the words of AFF creative director Chris Kontos, ‘when you get it, you just get it’ and boy does Siham Elmaway get fashion. As one of the original faces of the Australian Fashion Labels success story, Siham has managed to take C/MEO Collective from the living room of the Flintoft’s house onto a global stage and the best part, her star is only set to rise. With C/MEO pieces worn by the likes of Solange Knowles, the Kardashians and the crème da le crème of Australia’s fashion set, it’s hard to fathom that this design dynamo is just 25-years-old. But with her feet firmly placed on the ground and a humble personality to match, Siham’s story is just getting started.

Ahead of the 2017 Adelaide Fashion Festival we Spend 5 with the name whose designs you are 99.9% bound to have hanging in your wardrobes right now.

Name: Siham Elmawey

Occupation: Head Designer/ Brand Manager of C/MEO Collective

It all began when: I completed my work experience at Australian Fashion Labels up at Mel and Dean’s house – the C/MEO office was in their living room

And the best thing about it is: Australian Fashion Labels has an amazing culture and I get to work everyday with really good friends

The life of a designer is: Constantly busy and forever changing

What people don’t expect: I am only 25! I started working for AFL when I was 19

My wardrobe looks like: A clothing store – we design monthly collections meaning I’m forever bringing clothes home!

And to work I live in: My C/MEO leather jacket

By the weekend, I: Am looking forward to a sleep in!

Weekends look like: Renovating my house

My kind of indulgence is: Chocolate dipped strawberries

And my guilty pleasure looks like: A cheeky Gucci purchase

My kind of holiday is: Bathers and beach!

And I couldn’t leave without: My Glossier lipstick

My bucket list includes: Learning Arabic

I wish I could have coffee with: Solange Knowles

Because I’d love to tell them: We designed a C/MEO COLLECTIVE X Saint Heron capsule collection so I would love to meet her in person one day

My friends would say I am: A Cameron Diaz look alike

But I would say: Cameron Diaz at what age?!

Life is all about: Being thankful for your journey, for everything within time is beautiful

I learnt the hard way with: Cutting the corners by putting my ‘dry clean only’ dress in the washing machine

I am looking forward to: Our family holiday to Lebanon next year

Life motto: Where there’s a will, there’s a way (work hard!)