Tiff Manuell in Vic Square and Tate Modern

Tate Modern merchandise a bright venture for Adelaide’s Tiff Manuell

Adelaide artist and designer Tiff Manuell has found a welcome home at London’s Tate Modern gallery with an initial consignment of more than 300 purses and totes selling out in just weeks.

Tiff, who is recognised for her graphic hand-painted accessories, was approached to supply merchandise to the revered gallery after one of their product developers purchased a Tiff Manuell purse from a London stockist.

Now the collection is set to become a staple in the Tate Modern’s Terrace Shop, with the gallery placing a second order four times bigger than the original shipment.

With less than a week until Adelaide Fashion Festival launches and Tiff opens her public studio in Victoria Square, Tiff reflects on the growth of her brand since last year’s event and imagines where it will find a place in the future.

“I’m very excited… it’s hard to know what the response would be in a different market,” Tiff said.

“This is the calibre of store I have always aimed for. While the Tate Modern came out of the blue and was a massive surprise, it’s something I had imagined.

“I would love to see my work stocked at the Museum of Modern Art in New York too; my natural pitch for the brand is to be sold at contemporary art-based galleries.

“We create women’s fashion accessories that are not necessarily in the world of fashion.

“They are craft-based products that don’t follow seasons but we hope will withstand the test of time.”

Tiff was one of the stand-out designers of the 2015 Adelaide Fashion Festival where her accessories and debut collection of wearable art were shown during a living exhibition at Art Hunt Gallery, Adelaide.

At the 2016 festival Tiff will present a range of accessories and her designs will be interspersed throughout the festival.

Tiff is committed to keeping her production in Adelaide with a focus on creating well-considered, original products with appeal to various demographics.

“We have a very hands on product; this business is all about me coming to work every day and doing what I love,” Tiff said.

“Our products have a purpose… the Tate Modern welcomes such an incredibly broad category of people from around the world so they want a unique product that is versatile and user friendly, which we offer.”

Adelaide Fashion Festival creative director Chris Kontos said Tiff’s approach was refreshing.

“Tiff is an incredible artist; her bold use of colour and lines is brave and there’s no doubt Tiff’s products sit where art and fashion align,” Chris said.

The Adelaide Fashion Festival will be held from October 19-23, 2016 with key program elements and the campaign to launch on August 9.