There’s a wine for every occasion – your ‘go to’ guide

Wine pairing. It’s all down to a science really.

Step one. Define the scent and tones. The scent of fresh soil, deep forests and campfires with top notes of Bergamot, Juniper Berries, Lemon and Pepper with a base of Sandalwood and Vanilla.

Step two. Find the right partner. Burnt orange with a 100% silky smooth finish.

That is if one were pairing their favourite Gypsy Rose perfume to their new burnt orange silk camisole. But back to that wine pairing…

Here at LOVE TWAIN we love a good drop. Pouring our favourite glass of red is the one time of the day we actually stop to smell the roses and embrace the moment for a hot minute before the craziness of the industry that never sleeps kicks back into full swing. But ask us to describe our favourite wines or even worse, to pair them with the perfect meal and you may as well be asking us about algebra.

But as it turns out, there is an equation to wine pairing after all with the right drop existing for every occasion. Now this doesn’t mean reaching for the bottle that is closest to you, no. It means taking a lesson from Australian wine royalty Mary Hamilton (Director, Hugh Hamilton Wines) who is here to give us a lesson on picking a wine for every occasion.

When unexpected friends drop in: I usually end up cooking pasta, or throwing together a prawn pizza, The Mongrel Sangiovese with its juicy cherry flavours and dry finish is born to go with Italian yummies

Mid-range dinner party: Every dinner party needs a wine with personality and you don’t get a better story than a wine you helped make – putting a bottle of Shearer’s Cut on the table and telling your fellow diners how you handpicked the ancient grapes at Hugh Hamilton’s annual Shearing the Vines event that made the wine that has your name on the back label is a great conversation starter

Celebration toast: The Drama Queen- we named this authentic Champagne style bubbles after my daughter Stella, we all have a drama queen (or two) in our life. Look out for at the AFF bar

The gifting kind: Pure Black is the haute couture of our wine collection – handmade only in exceptional vintages from the best few barrels, the bottle is hand dipped in wax to pay homage to our family’s firsy grape vines that come to the new colony of Sth Aust dipped in wax

The crowd pleaser: Black Ops Shiraz Saperavi, a wine that started as Hugh’s hunch that the Australia’s favourite grape Shiraz variety would tango with the most ancient grape variety in the world – Saperavi – one sip of this unique blend and people are hooked!

One for Grandma: Hugh’s Mixed Up non alcoholic Shiraz cordial – I’m not saying the seniors card holders don’t like a tipple, this is great for a palate refresh, children, drivers and pregnant people love it too

Lazy Friday night in: Black Blood II – lock the doors, put on your comfy clothes, switch off the phone, cook something comforting like a succulent Osso Bucco and spoil yourself with this Blue Blood pedigree (or in our Black Sheep speak ‘Black Blood’) These are park of a trio of shiraz each from a different Hugh Hamilton vineyard with a distinct terrior

Wine for girls night: Goldilocks Moscato – not too dry, not too sweet – just right! The perfect start to a night out and great by the pool in the afternoon or as a palate refresher at the end of a meal

For Christmas lunch with the relatives: As the temperature rises, The Floozie rosé is the perfect summer Christmas wine, it’s great with seafood, dips, turkey and salads

The ‘I’ve had a crap day and I need wine’: Give me a glass of The Trickster Pinot Grigio! It’s bright and zesty and hits the spot like a refresh button for the weary

The ‘I need something sweet after dinner’ wine: Bloodline Pedro Ximenez – this is a piece of Australian wine history from the vault – its intense and luscious and will be launched at our 180th Bloodline Dinner on the catwalk as part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival

The ‘we need to impress our wine connoisseur friend’: Oddball the Great – the top dog from our amazing Saperavi barrels – most people haven’t heard of it, it hails from Georgia and is the oldest grape variety in the world. It means ‘dye’ for its intense dark colour

The ‘this will please dad on Fathers Day’: If it’s for my dad a bottle of The Oddball Saperavi – makes any day Father’s Day – this wine is Hugh’s obsession and we don’t meet too many Dads that don’t go gaga over its exotic origin and dark spicy personality.

Words by LOVE TWAIN.