Tiff Manuell – Behind The Label

Producing handcrafted, wearable art, each Tiff Manuell accessory is designed to inject colour and happiness into your life. An artist first and foremost, Adelaide based Tiff has combined her love for painting, colour, sewing and creating into a label that has sold over 35,000 bags around the world to date. No small feat for a project that started less than four years ago.

Working freely with colour, with no boundaries, each paint splatter and stroke of the brush falls differently on the canvas to ensure each run of quality bags and accessories is different from the previous one. Creating new and fresh prints from her Unley studio with a small team of creatives, each collection offers a true representation of art and colour in an uncontrived and free nature.

The Tiff Manuell Colour Immersion Runway Show is set to open the 2017 Adelaide Fashion Festival, bringing together some of the most celebrated creative minds in art, fashion, dance and music for an event unlike anything seen before. Go behind the scenes with Tiff. Get to know her work and discover her story before you are treated to a feast for the eyes, ears and soul.

Photography by Jack Fenby.